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Jyotsna Kumar

Jyotsna Kumar- B.A (Honors) Maths, MBA (Marketing & Finance)

Jyotsna Kumar is a young MBA from Infinity  Business School-Gurgaon, India.

Before being a part of AAA, she has worked with Kotak Mahindldra Bank Ltd., holding an experience of 2 years in Banking sector.

She had handled a portfolio of nearly 600 clients.

Besides being involved in Corporate Relationship building she was responsible for development of the new accounts and handled all banking products, i.e. CASA, Insurance products, Deposits, Mutual Funds, Securities & Assets.

Within her banking experience she has built up strong customer service orientation and timeline deliveries.

Jyotsna Kumar has a strong, dynamic and pleasing personality and likes to interact with people and to share opinions with them for a win win relationship