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About us

Asia Aviation Associates has been incorporated as a Company with a view to provide state of art aviation consultancy, project management, training and development in aviation. It is created keeping in mind the contemporary requirements of fast growing civil aviation industry world wide. The company is focused on providing economic solutions and collaborative participation in various aviation projects taking holistic view.

AAA is managed by Dinesh Kumar, MBA, IAP who is associated with the Aviation industry for over 36 years. Having headed Operations, Air Cargo, Human Resources, Training & Development functions  of Airports Authority of India, his contributions have been remarkable landmarks, in the field of aviation infrastructure development in India. A founder Director of the Indian Aviation Academy he contributed significantly to capacity building to fuel the growth of aviation industry. His credentials have won him various national and international awards .

Asia Aviation Associates Philosophy:

“Every human being is worth a million dollars”

“It takes a team to create miracles in management”

“To achieve your goals is easier, Be simple and forthright”


At AAA you are sure to get:

1. Respect

2. Attention

3. Timelines delivered

4. To meet your expectations

5. Truthful involvement

6. Avenues of growth